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African Maize Foods

As the product creators and product proprietors we had a single short term objective, after extensive R&D and successful trials over the past 5 years. This objective was to find and secure like-minded strategic partners, who share the passion and vision for our product into the African and other Global markets. The journey has begun!

Long Term Business Vision:
Our vision is that Africa can feed itself and the world. We recognize and acknowledge that meaningful and lasting changes in African food security and food Safety, sustainable agriculture & safe food provision means partnering with farmers, big Industry, governments, NGO’s, food aid organizations and select influential individuals.

Over the years we have observed partners in the public and private sector who are working directly with farmers in Africa, third party Aid/donor organizations, African business and African governments to lay the groundwork for economic growth and food safety through agriculture and value added consumer products being manufactured locally for their markets.

As other forward thinking companies and organizations we too are dedicated to changing the reality of agriculture in Africa, from farming as a solitary struggle to survive, to farming as a business that thrives in PPP's (public private partnerships or co-operatives, along with the initiative of African Maize Foods by adding value to their harvest and thereby providing finished ready-to-eat convenience food products to feed their own staff, neighbors, countrymen and beyond. Our vision is to have a minimum of 5 bulk manufacturing plants producing our products into Africa in just 7 years.

Business Mission Statement
African Maize Foods will form lasting and sustainable partnerships with African agriculture by adding value to their harvest in order to feed themselves and their neighbors. AFRICA feeding AFRICA … and the world … FROM HARVEST TO PLATE .

A-Maize-Zing Info

Already Cooked...

No water. No mixing. No cooking!
Fully cooked and ready to eat...

Long Life Maize...

Cooked pap you can store for up to twelve months at an ambient room temp below 26°C...


All the "good stuff" maize has to offer, high in fiber, and includes a rich source of vitamin A, C, B, E, and many other minerals.

No refrigeration required...

No cold storage required. Store at room temperature for up to a year...

Non-GMO Maize

All products made with non-GMO white or yellow maize and have no genetically engineered ingredients...

Salted or Unsalted

Your choice with or without salt...

Vegan Friendly

No animal products were used in the production of A-Maize-Zing...

Preservative Free...

No preservatives are used in the production of A-Maize-Zing Pap or A-Maize-Zing Polenta...

A-maize-zing | Cooked Pap

Pap /ˈpɑːp/  is a traditional porridge made from mielie-meal (ground maize) and a staple food of the inhabitants of most of Africa.

Also known as:
Phaletshe | Botswana
Mielie Pap | Afrikaans
Ogi / Akamu | Nigeria
Fufu | Ghana
Sadza | Zimbabwe
Nshima | Mozambique
Papa | Lesotho
Ugali | Tanzania

Xima-Xima | Mozambique

The A-maize-zing brand in full Portuguese print recently launched in Mozambique, called Xima-Xima. The TV advert below is currently being run nationally on channels in Mozambique. They say they a picture is worth a thousand words.... The clip defines the convenience of this product.

Polenta Della Nonna | Cooked Polenta

Polenta /pəˈlɛntə/ is a traditional Italian maize-meal dish made from yellow maize and a part of the staple diet of Italy. While it was originally most common in the north of Italy, today it is a popular dish which is enjoyed throughout Italy and in many other parts of the world.

Polenta Della Nonna is gluten-free, low in fat, and also a source of carotenoids and Beta-Carotene. As they say in Italian, "Avanti, finisci di mangiare!", eat up!



Mielie Pap | 500g | Salted

Box | R318

A-maize-zing Mielie Pap | Salted | 20 X 500g Loaves @ R15.90ea

Non-GMO | Preservative Free | Vegan Friendly

Mielie Pap | 500g | Unsalted

Box | R318

A-maize-zing Mielie Pap | Unsalted | 20 X 500g Loaves @ R15.90ea

Non-GMO | Preservative Free | Vegan Friendly

Mielie Pap | 250g | Salted

Box | R230

A-maize-zing Mielie Pap | Salted | 20 X 250g Loaves @ R11.50ea

Non-GMO | Preservative Free | Vegan Friendly

Mielie Pap | 250g | Unsalted

Box | R230

A-maize-zing Mielie Pap | Unsalted | 20 X 250g Loaves @ R11.50ea

Non-GMO | Preservative Free | Vegan Friendly

Polenta Della Nonna | 500g

Box | R390

Polenta Della Nonna | Salted | 20 X 500g Loaves @ R19.50ea

Non-GMO | Preservative Free | Vegan Friendly

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